Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting my portfolio. I am a 25 year old hobbyist fine-art landscape and travel photographer from Kolkata, India. The photography bug inside me was born at a very young age but it was nurtured long into my college days when I started to take up photography seriously. I started off as a street photographer but due to my affinity towards travelling and a magnificent connection with nature, I changed my genre to landscape photography. I have wanted to come as close to nature as possible ever since. Mountains are by far my favorite and taking advantage of the fact that I live about a few hundred kilometers from the Himalayas, I visit them quite often and most of those visits are for serious photography. I love taking photographs of ridges, peaks, waterfalls, and other mountain formations. However, this doesn’t stop me from going to the oceans, as the Bay of Bengal is even closer than the mountains in the other direction. Fine art came into being recently when I started to look into some of my old images and felt a kick towards creating something out of the world. With over fifteen years of experience in Adobe Photoshop, it was not very difficult to create visually attractive images.

I teach aspects of landscape photography and editing in 1-on-1 online sessions. If you would like to join one such session, send me a mail at Prints of my photographs are available for sale and ready to be shipped worldwide. If you would like to buy prints of any of my works, find the available list here. If you do not find any photo that you want and is not there in the store, send me a mail or contact me with the photo name or screenshot of the image.
Many of my photographs have won International Awards and have been published and exhibited worldwide. This includes publications in Wikipedia, Landscape Photography magazine, Petapixel, 1X and many more. See the full list down below. ​​​​​​​
'The Viridescent Stare' got awarded by the Head Curators in 1X
'The Sunrise Transition' received Honorable Mention in ND Awards 2021
Shortlisted for 500PX 'Ombre Inspired' Quest
Top 1% in 'Eyes', 6th 35 Awards
Top 3% in 'Conceptual Minimalism', 5th 35 Awards
'Dusk on the Lake' received 4th place in Photocrowd Premium Contest - 'Sailing'
'Almost Tagore' received POTY 2018 Candidate - Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 2018
Finalist in Shoot The Frame - September 2021 Awards
Finalist in Australian Photography Magazine Monthly Competition
Nominated in National Photography Competition 2020, The Official India
Mark of Excellence in I-Shot-It Competition Week 27, 2018

Accepted in Friends National Photo Circuit (FIP recognized) Salon
20+ Awards in Viewbug
Featured in Capture With Nikon
Published 12 times in 1X
Published 3 times in Landscape Photography Magazine
Blogs published in PetaPixel
Published 2 times in Shutterbug
Photo of the Day in Digital Photo Magazine
Editor's Choice in Pixabay
High Key Assignment Finalist Shortlist - Landscape Photography Magazine, June 2021, Issue 124
Picturesque Sceneries, a Kaleidoscope - Smart Photography Magazine, April 2021 Issue
Landscapes of North Bengal - The Fleeting Moments Magazine Vol 1 Issue 1
The Power of Color - Glasgow Gallery of Photography, International Exhibition Zine
Docu Nature - Docu Nature Magazine Vol 1 Issue 1
Sony Corporate Photography Virtual Exhibition, August, 2021
Kolkata Center for Creativity and Alipore Zoo, Kolkata, March, 2021
Valid World Hall, Barcelona, October, 2020 (via Gurushots)
Fridge Gallery, Washington DC, October, 2020 (via Gurushots) 
Studio Galerie B&B, Paris, September, 2020 (via Gurushots)
Annual International Exhibition, Glasgow Gallery of Photography, August, 2020
Nandan, Kolkata, January, 2019

'Almost Tagore' is there as the introductory image for 'Facial Hair' in Wikipedia
My blogs have received international acclaim in Tripoto
Many of my blogs from Petapixel had been featured in Flipboard
'Inspirational Architecture' from Gurushots covered by PetaPixel
'Gorgeous Flowers' from Gurushots covered by 121Clicks
'Dusk Till Dawn' from Gurushots covered by Digital Camera World
'Travel Photo Challenge' from Gurushots covered by Budget Travel
Feel free to contact me or email me at for any queries, feedbacks or project works.
​​​​​​​Photography is not my profession, it's just an escape from my routine. I am an engineer at an IT firm. I love spending time with football, chess and guitar as well. I could never imagine where photography would take me to, but I am happy with wherever I am right now.
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